• Aquaponics

    Did you know that Aquaponic horticulture uses 90% less water than conventional agriculture?

    There are many great reasons to switch to Aquaponic food sources... Learn more

  • Sustainability

    We specialize in the sustainable production of organic “living bouquets".

    Gourmet mixed salad greens, fresh strawberries, other popular vegetables... Learn more

  • Dedication

    Intelligence combined with passion, excited about the future of agriculture.

    Aqua Gardens Family Farm have been active stewards of the environment since the beginning... Learn more

  • Opportunity

    Currently seeking Accredited Investors for this viable and disruptive alternative.

    Delicious produce for health conscious and socially responsible consumers... Learn more

The Future of Farming

AGFF envisions a world where aquaponics is the norm for agricultural production. Our current agricultural model has not changed in over a 100 years, though our needs and environment have. Our current model is massively scaled, unable to feed us safely, sustainably and well. Read more