• Aquaponics

    Did you know that Aquaponic horticulture uses 90% less water than conventional agriculture?

    There are many great reasons to switch to Aquaponic food sources... Learn more

  • Sustainability

    We specialize in the sustainable production of organic “living bouquets".

    Gourmet mixed salad greens, fresh strawberries, other popular vegetables... Learn more

  • Dedication

    Intelligence combined with passion, excited about the future of agriculture.

    Aqua Gardens Family Farm have been active stewards of the environment since the beginning... Learn more

  • Opportunity

    Currently seeking Accredited Investors for this viable and disruptive alternative

    Delicious produce for health conscious and socially responsible consumers... Learn more

What People Say About Aqua Gardens

Investment Opportunity

Aqua Gardens Family Farm is growing!! Aqua Gardens Family Farm is experiencing increasing demand for our one of a kind “Living Gourmet Bouquet™” salad mix. After two and a half years of product development, we are ready to take production and distribution of our niche product to the next level…   Read more