• Aquaponics

    Did you know that Aquaponic horticulture uses 90% less water than conventional agriculture?

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  • Sustainable Produce

    We specialize in the sustainable production of organic “living bouquets".

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  • The Team

    Smart, Dedicated folks, excited about the future of agriculture...

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Aquaponic Advantages

  • Produces protein (fish) and vegetables in one system.
  • Produces 4 to 10 times more vegetables than conventional agriculture.
  • Uses up to 90% less water than conventional agriculture. No seepage, no weeds, and very little evaporation. 1 head of lettuce uses 2-4 gallons of water in an aquaponic system compared to 20-24 gallons of water when grown in the ground…
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What is Aquaponics?

In a world where our current agricultural techniques are depleting the top soil, polluting the water table, and are dependent on diminishing resources for fertilizer while demand for food is increasing, the future of food looks bleak. Luckily Aquaponics is leading the way in sustainable, natural agriculture and is proving to be the future of farming. Read more